Web Accessibility

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Known Accessibility Issues:

If you post your presentations online for students, Prezi is not ADA/508 compliant (i.e., does not work with a screen-reader)


  • Create prezis online
  • Enjoy at least 100 MB online storage
  • Download finished prezis and present offline
  • Start with a free account


  • You never quite own your own work. If Prezi were to go down or disappear from existence, you would still have your complete presentations but can no longer edit for future use.
  • It's really meant for a single presentation of an hour or so. It gets cumbersome if you try to put an entire chapter (3-4 hours lecture) into one presentation.
  • Also, there's no easy way to copy/paste from Prezi and make a quick outline/handout to accompany lecture.

Alternative Options for providing access:

1. Provide users with an accessible PowerPoint version of the presentation.

  • Add text transcript to notes section for each slide
  • Use the Notes Template on PPT where your notes section will show on top of your slide show while presenting, mimicing captioning.
  • Limit use of animations and transitions
  • Add alt text (title and description) for images/charts/graphs
  • Use pre-designed slide layouts

Visit the Accessible Documentation site for more information on creating accessible PowerPoint Presentations