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George Mason University is setting the gold standard for the modern, public university. Its dynamic culture and innovative academic programs prepare Mason’s hard-working students for 21st century careers. Its commitment to teaching excellence combines with cutting-edge research that enriches the academic experience and is literally changing the world. Mason is committed to providing equal opportunity and an educational and work environment free from any discrimination, specifically students with disabilities. 

Faculty at Mason are encouraged to become familiar with their rights and responsibilities.

The Faculty of Mason is committed to the retention of students while promoting academic success. Students are recruited to the university with the understanding that the Faculty is responsive to their needs and will provide accessible course(s) and reasonable accommodations. Providing accessible courses is a cooperative effort between Faculty and Assistive Technology Initiative.


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If you answered "YES", then you play a role including accessibility!

What can you do to help make your class and materials more accessible? Visit the Distance Education page and look at Common Tools for DE. You'll quickly see that you don't have to be teaching an online class to be using these tools! Want to see if the technology you are using in class is accessible? Please complete our form and we'll test it: New Classroom Technology Accessibility Evaluation Form

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Campus Technology - Access Denied article

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